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Dear webmasters, say hello to the first system update in the history of EngineCash. The first two weeks of work went smoothly and quite a few bugs have been dealt with. The average ratio for our entire site portfolio does not drop below 1:300. If you're still not an EngineCash affiliate, well, it's high time to become one!

>  200 new FHGs added for all sites. Dumps, lists and WMV versions are available in your affiliate area.

>  95 new embed flv added for all sites. Dumps and lists are available in your affiliate area.

>  Several new free hosting servers added. Now we can host virtually any sites you run as long as they promote our products. Hit us up for more information.

> A brand new INTERACTIVE PROMO PACK added, containing:

* Page Peel ads - occupies minimal space in top right hand corner, fits into any design without dominating it.  See sample here.

* Page overlays - a rich media ad showing the highest efficiency among all interactives, especially compared to popups; a catchy Flash element appearing in the middle of a page, which guarantees maximum exposure; can be closed with a single click.  See sample here.

* IM popups - a very efficient interactive imitating a new IM message popping up in bottom right hand screen corner; occupies minimal space but shows terrific CTR.  See sample here.

* Footer ads - a footer banner, 100% page width. Very catchy and works well for most free promo sites.  See sample here.

* Custom Fan Signs - a picture ad with custom text, can show
geotargeting info like the name of the city your surfer comes from, or for personalized messages to surfers, their board nicknames and more. Just change text on the end of the link.
  See sample here.

NB! You can find thouse this promo pack under 'Ad tools / Interactives' menu of your affiliate area. Installation manuals for all ads located in zip files with downloaded tool. Contact our affiliate support if you still have questions.

>  Starting today: DAILY RSS feed updates.

>  We`ve been updating our member areas regularly for the 2nd week already. Reblills are rocking!

>  StatsRemote was recently updated and now features Engine Cash support.

>  Let us remind you that you can order custom banners for your site, as long as you`re making enough money with us.

If you have any questions please reply to this email or contact us by ICQ: 627564667

EngineCash.com Team