<-- EngineCash.com UPDATE 2 -->


Dear webmasters, say hello to the SECOND system update in the history of EngineCash.

>  160 new FHGs added for all sites. Dumps, lists and WMV versions are available in your affiliate area.

>  80 new embed flv added for all sites. Grab codes in your affiliate area.

>  New billing options  added to our join forms, now EuDebit/SMS/phone options available for our customers. You will get 60-70% of sales from this options if you are using Partnership program.

>  NiftyStats was recently updated and now features Engine Cash support.

>  Let us remind you that you can order custom banners for your site, as long as you`re making enough money with us.


If you're still not an EngineCash affiliate, well, it's high time to become one!

If you have any questions please reply to this email or contact us by ICQ: 627564667

EngineCash.com Team