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Summer is in full swing and instead of chilling on the beach and
enjoying the sun and the sea we at EngineCash are working super hard here. Our aim is improving your ratios and introducing brand new products which will help you earn even more.

These days everybody in the webmaster community is talking about how tube sites are ruining the market we are used to. Sure, the situation has changed and the sales are not getting better day by day. Still, there is plenty of evidence that narrow niche paysites are the best way to monetize narrow niche traffic.
The overall ratios for these products is now 1.5-2 times worse than it used to be back in 2005. However, by today’s standards this is still quite good.
EngineCash lets you promote its freshest sites which are among the best converting niche sites on the adult content market today.

Say hello to our latest affiliate system update which is the 3rd
already. Wow, these ratios ARE getting better now!

>  140 new FHGs added for all sites. Dumps, lists and WMV versions are available in your affiliate area.

>  140 new embed flv added for all sites. Grab codes in your affiliate area.

>  Pricing options were changed. Now we offer $1 trials which show perfect trial-to-full membership conversions.
With our ratios getting better, we are still paying $30 per signup for $1 trials.
Let us remind you that unlike many other affiliate programs we never frustrate our members with aggressive billing and consoles.

>  Brand new design for RedAssTwinks; the main site tour was revamped and now this is our 2nd best selling site. Make sure you check the site out, especially if you got traffic in this niche.

>  Video banners, an all-new promo tool. These are Flash-based banners which load 10-second videos from our servers. These show amazing CTR and are perfect for tube and CJ tube sites. You can download them in your 'Ad Tools Banner Add Tools/Flash Banners' section.
Check the way it looks here. Here you can find a manual covering the installation of such banner on your site.

Need custom banners, promos of different sizes or installation assistance? Do not hesitate to contact our affiliate support.

>  Now you can get your money by PayPal, its free, minimum amount is $50.

May your sales rock and your traffic turn into gold! Sincerely,

Hit our support department up on icq 627564667 or just reply to this email.

EngineCash.com Team